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Hello everyone. Recently I downloaded Jedi Knight Galaxies v1.3.22a. I wanted to try it, but the game wasn't find any server. On a project site 2 servers are shown, are they active? Why the game doesn't see it?

Besides, I want to run the server. I want to test it's capabilities, maybe mod some stuff. Can I get it?

I downloaded map pack & was able to connect to 1 of 2 servers through connect command. But I don't know what to do there, how to buy stuff for example?

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Hi Stark, sorry it took so long for me to notice your posts (I don't check the forums very often).  There are a few servers available, but usually the best way to try out the mod is to join the discord and set up a match with other people.  The community isn't super active at the moment, so we don't have players 24/7 like some of the other larger mods, but there are still a lot of other people that want to play - you just need to arrange a time.  I'd suggest joining the discord and joining the 481st group and trying to setup a match with some of those players (there are about 30+ of them that are down to play as often as possible).  We'll have a larger announcement within the next two weeks which will probably also involve some official community scrimmages. 

If you want to setup a server, it works fairly similar to a baseJ KA server, but if you need help with anything feel free to ask.  Don't forget the basic stuff like opening up ports, setting up your cfg file, etc.

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