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Lady Jedi global fix. Help wanted.

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So im trying to fix lady jedi mod. Fix its lore mess, and make it work with JA properly.

I encounter a problem and will realy apreciate if somebody help me fix it. 

In the first level you fight a buch of skeletons, when you kill them the cutscene starts. I have encountered a bug, about 50% of times cutscene starts randomly when you fight skeletons. 


I have no idea why that bug hapening. Looking at the files everything seems to be logicaly correct. There is a float caled "minesk". 12 skeletons have "mine_vins" as a death script. 

It looks like this. 

set ( "minesk", "+1" );

if ( $get( FLOAT, "minesk" ) > 11.000$ )


run ( "ladyjedi01/babysleep" ); 

set ( "minesk", "0" );



Everything seems to be ok. 

But for some reason 50% of a time it doesnt work the way it suposed to. 

If somebody can help me with this, i would really apreciate it. 


This is the link to archive with enteties of the map and some scripts. 

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That script looks fine, maybe the previous value persists when you restart the level? In that case you'll have to set it to 0 at the start.

Another way of achieving the same thing is to use a target_counter to count the fallen enemies. Instead of a deathscript, you can use the npc_target, which gets triggered when the NPC dies, to connect the skeletons to the target_counter, and then connect the target_counter to a target_scriptrunner to execute the ladyjedi01/babysleep script. I'm not sure if that only works once, or if the counter gets reset upon triggering.

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Start script of this leves has in it

set ( "minesk", "0" );

Is it what you mean by restarting values? Or is it needed to be somwhere in the enteties? 

I will try another way that you described. Thanks for advice. 

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So. Im making an asassin clone npc for 5th lady jedi level. 

And i encounter another problem. Wrist blades, that has "boltToWrist" parametr in their .sad file dont work correctly with neomarz's clone model. They look like they glued to hands, not wrists.

Most of the time you can't tell the difference, but when npc starts blocking attacks it looks quite bad.


Already found solution.
The problem was that wrist/hand cap tag was skinned to "hand" bone, when it should be skinned to "radiusx" bone.


Funny. Probably it is possible to change the position, and skinning of glued weapon by moving model's hand/wrist cap tag and changing its skinning.

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