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SWGL Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: When will the mod be updated?
A: The instant we know, we will tell you.

Q: I have a suggestion for the mod!
A: Please utilize the SWGL Discussion section of this forum. If requesting a character or map, ensure to include a direct link to what you want us to look at, else we will not take your suggestion under consideration. Please look at the rules topic in that forum for additional details.

Q: I'm having a problem with another mod, can you help?
A: Our ability to help you with other Jedi Academy mods is dependant on the mod itself. We likely can assist with most mods, but major technical issues would be best to ask the original mod authors.

Q: How do I unlock other missions? They're greyed out!
A: Missions or episodes that are greyed out don't exist yet and will take time to produce and release. All missions when released will be available for you to play, with no pre-requisites.

Q: What is the difference between Galactic Legacy and KotF 2.1?
A: We're actively working on the mod.

Q: How do I play Jedi Outcast with the mod?
A: Download the official launcher, click on "Configure Jedi Outcast", and follow the directions.

Q: Will you have missions from non-film material? Like KOTOR, Clone Wars, and Rebels?
A: Yes, however we will not be developing Clone Wars and Rebels content (save for You Have Become A Rival). We have partnered with the Galactic Adventures mod who will be creating missions from the 2003 micro-series, 2008 TV show, and Rebels.

Q: Can I customize NPCs?
A: Yes, you can choose their health, alignment, appearance, and behaviors

Q: Can I play this mod on android, iPhone, or console?
A: As this mod utilizes the OpenJK engine, we are not compatible with any non-desktop/laptop device capable of running Jedi Academy. Jedi Academy was never officially released on mobile devices so all copies of that game are bootlegged.

Q: Where is the source code?
A: Right here: https://github.com/linken233/OpenJK-SWGL/tree/swgl-master

Q: Is there a list of NPCs?
A: Right here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Eu74OMSGNxxZzZ-uXlIk74e6QF8QqsQxbu5Mh04Yffw/edit#gid=0

Q: I hate the map music, can I change it?
A: Yes, you can utilize our new menu or open the console (~ key)  can type "music" followed by the music path. Example: "music music/ep1_dotf/intro" (without quotes). All music tracks can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1QpDs_IaYclNATaTy1BrWsN7jLqTpfgHXZ6XX4Tj4rt8/edit#gid=1563144459

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