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How can I make a playermodel work for singleplayer

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(not quite sure if this is the right place to put this, as its my first time posting, but here we go anyways)

So basically, there's this Minecraft Playermodel Mod, it is supposed to be used as a Model that you can use in Multiplayer, however, I want to try and use this model in the Singleplayer campaign, I am aware that you can use "Playermodel [npc name]" in order to change your model, however, when this is done, the model will not show up in the cutscenes, which is kinda lame, since I mostly want to do this for the sake of it being very funny to have minecraft steve learning to be a jedi and stuff, So I wanted to know how I can make it so that way you can use this model in the character creator, and additionally would like to know how you can replace other npc's models with this one (if that is even possible), as it would be funny if I made the sith into herobrine or something. I am pretty new to modding and stuff, but I think I can handle it.

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Hey @DragonSlayer2189,

There is a Tutorial on how to do that right here:

As to replacing other npcs with the minecraft model, all you need to do is create nee Npcs with the same names as the ones from the campaign and have them reference the model you want to use.

If you compare, let's say the stormtrooper npc file from the game with one from the Minecraft model pack, you should be quick to figure out what you need to do. And how to mix them both to get the results you want.

If you can not figure it out on your own, there should be a Tutorial in the tutorials subforum on here.

And if that also doesn't help, don't be shy to ask for help here 😉


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Thanks so much, It appears to be working perfectly, i do have one question though, The tutorial mentions nothing about how to change which character voice your skin uses (Ik you can just set it with the "sex (m/f)" command, but it would be neat to know how you can do this with the skin itself), any idea of how you might do that

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