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[Announcement] JKG July Test Scrimmage Matches

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Hello!  The beta for v1.3.22 was just released and we need your help testing it. We have three planned test scrimmage matches this coming weekend (times are UTC):


To get the latest preview build, go here (you'll want both map packs as well)More news about the scrimmage will be upcoming, to stay up to date watch the Discord #announcement channel.  You'll most likely want the map packs as well!

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One match left!  We had some good fun games and even found the cause of the last (hopefully) server stability bug we missed, also got lots of great feedback from new players and old veterans.  Its been great so far.

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Thanks to everyone for helping us play test this new version.  The play tests have concluded, we found a few bugs and appreciate all the feedback everyone has sent us. If you have additional feedback feel free to post it in the Discord or here in this thread. A hotfix for v1.3.22 has been released to deal with the more serious issues encountered, but most of the changes based on your feedback will be implemented in later updates. Thanks again!

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update, hotfix available
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