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Need help with this Ben Kenobi playermodel

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Hey there!

I've been trying to play as old Ben-Ben for a while now, but every time something comes in contact with him, or near him, the game crashes.


The file was from Seven's WIP thread, and I slightly altered the face texture and modified it so that it would show up as a new species on SP. I also renamed him to bkenobi, instead of benkenobi (it conflicted with another 'benkenobi' mythos mod I had).

When stormtroopers shoot at me: if I deflect the blaster bolt, or even if the bolt passes next to me and doesn't hit me? Game crashes.
In a saber fight? Second there's any contact the game crashes.

I have no idea what's wrong. Can anybody test and let me know how to fix this?

Thanks a bunch ?

EDIT: I found out I was using an older version buggy of Seven's Ben Kenobi. I started using the most recent one, made the modifications to have him appear on SP menu. When I start a new game as Ben, this time, the game crashes immediately.

You can find the one I'm working with here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vkgkwvetbdt2gvg/benkenobi.pk3/file

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