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OpenJK limits


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I'm looking for information on the engine limitations in OpenJK, I know some have been increased but I don't know which ones and how much. I'm making a map that feels really big using as many tricks as I can, this information would be crucial for planning ahead.

Limitations like:
- Entities in a map.
- Rendered entities in the client.
- Brush count
- Vertex count in a map
- Vertex count in the client
- Vehicle types.
- NPC count
- Waypoint count
- Icarus limitations, like globals or script size.
- Do ASE misc_model count towards the entity limit or the brush limit?
- Shaders and Texture allocation, shouldn't be a problem for me since I'm reusing many shaders and textures thorough this map, but It would be good to know.
- Any other relevant limitations one should know regarding map making.

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sadly not much info is given and there aren't any active users beside a few.

i wanted to suggest something about this a limit adjuster asi plugin for default jedi academy would be a great way increse the limits of the engine without requiring to use OpenJK sadly i can't post there,the basics would be increase the polygon limit which is locked,increase the ram limit since is locked,increase the heap size since is locked,increase the draw distance,models loaded at once,npc limits all options to be edited under an ini file

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