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Add new color tags

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Hello. I wanted to add new colors for Open JK because I like many colors and I play FFA matches with friends on Open JK and have fun.


So I taken files: shared/qcommon/q_color.h and shared/qcommon/q_color.c


I wanted to add brown color, RGB 128-0-0. I see that in many "tables" there is no name for things, only string of RGB colors, so I understand it is placement most important. So I need to place everything same place. And so I did. I put it everywhere between red and green. This is my files:


My q_color.c: https://pastebin.com/6ijXaMGR

My q_color.h: https://pastebin.com/ALrUswUS


But now all colors are total failure. Every color is replaced, ^B tag no working, every menus and every color is different color, ^3 is no yellow, ^4 is no red, everything is mess. What did I do wrong? :/ 


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