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"g_spawn: no free entities" error message. SP

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I am enjoying KOTF but when I decide to create a single player "mission" I can only spawn in at maximum 20-30 characters (spread out across a map - not bundled together but much like the original JK JA) before I receive an error message, stating I had placed too many NPC's/entities


no free entities" 

I have experienced this throughout several maps, if I shoot, kill or even move an NPC my current game would throw me back to the title screen with said error message. I don't believe it is a bug or a flaw, just curious if there was a way to increase the NPC cap by myself? If there is no fix I'll have to use less NPC's, although I sparingly used NPC's in my current "mission" there is around 14-16 entities on the Ord Mantell map, and interacting with them or shooting at a wall would crash my current game. If there is a fix or anything I'd like to have some help with this! Otherwise I have no issues with KOTF, 


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