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OJP Visual Issues (Antialiasing or so)


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You might know, that we work on a SP mod for Jedi Academy, and some bugs of the original game prevented us from making the levels the way we want, so we tried to install OJP upon JA and adding our mod to the game, as some people suggested. It works just fine!


However the problem is, that visually the game somehow "deteriorated". I can't explain it fully, except that in certain places graphics show as if there was no anti-aliasing at all (yes, JA isn't actually about very good graphics, but still).

I tried to compare screenshots of the same places within JASP.exe and openjk_sp.x86.exe, and it looked like in the latter case the graphics were a bit more pixelated. 


I made screenshots, but they don't reveal much of a difference: it can be spotted only during playing.


The best example of such a difference is the MENU. Here are a few screens below for comparison. Note the icons.


This the menu as seen in the OJP:






This is the same menu, as seen in JASP:






Important notes: DP isn' changing any code, so there shouldn't be any collision of the two mods. The icons in menus are png with new shaders, but nothing unusual. 

I had to post screenshots from a smartphone, because FRAPS screens don't show the difference so clear. There is an example below as well:



Left: OJP, Right: Original JA

You might be able to spot small pixelated lines in the figurines (png) as well, but these files are quite big (like 256x512) for an icon.


P.S. Tried to make console.txt, but to no avail. :( Perhaps I'm doing smth wrong here.


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