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[idea] Taunt


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In jk2, there was a server (I think now its down) which was a fully modded.There was a special taunt command, which enabled you to use every soundfile which is related to the character you picked.
So, lets check an example.

There is Kylo, I checked his files and there is ,,Victory1-2-3" or ,, Jdetected1-2-3" (and the list just goes on) sound files. so if you wrote the the console: ,, bind r taunt2 victory1" it played that sound file.

I think its possible to do in JK3 too, and would be much cooler to use more taunts in game, would be more entertaining, but only its my opinion.

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Yoo there are commands in JKA/ KOTF as follows:







bind / taunt


Those are used in JKA MP for the the misc controls and can be bound to a key in both for use.


Ye i know these, but I meant sound effects. In the character's files there are some other soundfiles like (jedidetected, angry etc...) and we cant play them, not even with /taunt. In a jk2 server there was a special command like: /taunt2 jkdetected  and when we wrote this this command played the sound file, what we wrote.

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Well some like Anger or taunt are used by the taunt commad. Flourish is the grunts what not that you will hear npcs do when they push you down or block your saber throw. And gloat is the victory lines. I see your point but most of these are used by one of these again im not shooting down the idea of a new command for the sound detect.

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