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Feature request: externalize stuff related to NPC classes

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I'm talking about the attributes defined by the "class" key in a .npc file. In our current situation, when we make a custom NPC, we have to choose a class that already exist in the game to define its basic behaviour, as well as some attributes, such as resistance to certain types of damage. A few of examples for attributes that aren't strictly related to an NPC's AI: Desann and Boba Fett have thrown lightsabers bounce off them harmlesly, Hazardtroopers thrive in lava and acid and blasters bounce off their armor. Desann class always knocking down humanoids when jumping on their heads... the list goes on, as a great many things are decided by an NPC's class, but unfortunately, when we pick a class, we get the whole package. Even those things of it that are unwanted, or outright detrimental for our desired custom NPC. 


What I'm proposing is to externalize these attributes somehow. Either by setting them separately in the .npc files themselves, or by allowing us to easily create files that would define new classes with attributes we want.


PS: I hope the mod is still not dead. I'm seeing some activity in the development forum, so my hopes are up.

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