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KotF 2.1 Installation Guide (WINDOWS)


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This guide will also work for steam users.




1. Your base folder must be clear of all mods.


2. Your copy of Jedi Academy must be patched to v1.01.




1. Download the KotF Beta zip file here: https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&id=1EfuQNSOO9jNkQRzuAFYUxmpRu5I_B8Nt


2. Locate the folder named "KotF", and extract it into your Gamedata folder. DO NOT EXTRACT THE CONTENTS OF THE KOTF FOLDER INTO YOUR GAMEDATA FOLDER.


3. Locate the folder named "KotF-Windows" and open it, you will see a folder named "Gamedata". Open the "Gamedata" folder.


4. Inside of the KotF-Windows/Gamedata folder, you will notice multiple files, and another KotF folder. Extract all of the files + the KotF folder into your Jedi Academy Gamedata folder.


5. Run either KotF 2.1 SP or KotF 2.1 MP as an administrator. To set this to default, right click either file, and select "Properties".


6. Navigate to the "Compatibility" tab.


7. Locate the checkbox labelled "Run this program as an administrator", check the box. Click Apply, and close. Repeat for the other exe file if necessary.


8. Start the mod using ONLY either "KotF 2.1 SP" OR "KotF 2.1 MP".


9. Have fun.

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