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Bramble Gambol 2

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I ask those who download this map to respect my work and do not decompile it, tamper with it, or host the file itself for download anywhere without permission from me directly. I share this map so other gamers can check it out and have some fun with playing it. I do not release it for people to tamper and take it apart to steal features or so forth. This work was done by me, owned by me and shared from me to you, and I release my work by choice and I can easily choose to not release future projects in the future, so please respect my work.





This map IS NOT a replacement for the original Bramble Gambol I made a while back. The old Bramble Gambol had completely different courses. This map has all new courses. I recommend players of this map have completed at least a majority of the courses in the previous map as this one is a bit more difficult. No course is based on any luck variables.


Upon mastering all courses of the previous map BG1 (Original Bramble Gambol) and friends getting them down packed too, I decided to go ahead and make a part 2. The last one didn't focus on design whatsoever, but this map I decided to take on a more designed approach to make the atmosphere more satisfying to the player. This map, like the last, focuses on testing your skills at manipulating the physics of this game to complete various courses design by me. All are possible and there are flowers (not stars like this time) to show how hard each course is. The more flowers, the harder it is (in my opinion of course). Once you get a strong feel and try the courses many times they will get easier and easier. They take practice! I've mastered the hardest course on BG1 after much practice. You (the player) can too, given time and patience along with any map here. Wouldn't it be cool to master a course that your archrival can't do? Who's got the skills now?!


I got inspiration to start this map series after thinking about good old times in other games, specifically Diddy Kongs Quest for the SNES. Granted, this doesn't look like the game at all, nor play like it, and no images or so forth were copied, but I decided to give the game credit (since I used a remix of the Bramble theme song) with the opening screenshot being an image from the game itself. The whole skilled jump course idea just came to me one day as I wanted to get my skill up. I then went about level designing as my last experiences with level design allowed me to create such maps as these. It needed a theme so this is the one I picked.


I'd ask, if you do enjoy the map, to let me know. I only release these maps because I feel others may like to play them as well.







This is a basic introduction about the mechanics of Jedi Academy.


Each course does something a bit different. To complete each course, make it to the end where you will find a button to press or land on and a teleport to take you back to the start. Press the button to see a victory effect. Do not use the jetpack/grapple or any shortcuts to complete any course or you did not really complete it.


It is ok to land on the sides of a pushing barrel but it's considered an imperfect run. A perfect run would avoid any glitches and otherwise diversions from going straight through the course. Here are some basic concepts:


Strafe Jumping - Gaining speed as you continuously jump. There are some tricks to jump farther and more accurately. I'm not here to give lessons, but the best example of controlled Strafe jumping is Hiddens Revival. This is not strictly a strafe long jumping type course, as you must watch where you land and not go too fast (I've shot way past goal several times).


Air Maneuvering - When you are shot into the air, you can guide where you land by using the arrow keys. The barrel colors help you get an idea of what to expect but don't tell you exactly what to do. Watching how fast your surroundings move, you should be able to guess on what to do.


Dodging - When dodging green wood (poison) from a moving barrel, remember you can run to move quickly and walk to move slowly. Walking makes many courses much easier, so use it!


More and more - There are a ton of tricks with this map that many players may not of encountered before. I could write a book on all the little things to learn to help master these courses. I'm open to helping people who request it.



FLOWERS at each course represent how difficult I feel each course is. You can count how many flowers there are or go by top one. I'll do both. If you like Golf, you could times the amount of flowers by 3 and that would be the par for the course.


- Blue (1 flower) - An Easy course.

- Green (2Fl) - A moderate course.

- Yellow (3fl) - A challenging course

- Orange (4fl) - A very challenging course

- Red (5fl) - A very difficult course.






- If you use any mod/cheat to get to the goal of any course, you automatically fail. This includes but is not limited to grapple hook from japlus, jetpack, or anything other than basic base movement.


- If you miss a barrel, just fall. You will be teleported back to the starting area. Trying to grapple can drives you nuts in this map as it's difficult to get back where you were generally.


- Force regenerate rate was set to "0" when testing the courses on this map. However the default "200" can also be used on most courses. However a regen rate of "0" may be more practical on some courses.




1-Beginners Luck *

2-Hiddens Revival ***

3-Full Bloom *****

4-Foliage Hoist **

5-Serendipity **

6-Snake Dance 2 ****

7-Ivory Tower ****

8-Hogshead ***

9-The Grasshopper **

10-Slippery Slopes ****




::BARREL TYPES (w/hints)::


Brown Open - A barrel that shoots you somewhere when landing in it. Speed is not announced (but generally nothing extreme). You may or may not have to dodge a danger or two to get to next barrel.


Brown Closed - A barrel you must land on and jump to the next from. You may not want to solidly land but to strafe jump from it instead.


Red Open - A hint to the player that this barrel will be shooting you faster than needed (usually meaning you will need to pull back in order to get to the next barrel).


Red Closed - You want to land and stay on this barrel. When you do land on it, it will take off quickly. You will want to jump from this barrel once the next one is in range.


Blue Open - A hint to the player that this barrel will be shooting you slower than needed (usually meaning you will need to push forward in order to get to the next barrel).


Blue Closed - These barrels automatically move back and forth, but slowly. You might have to wait for them on a purple barrel. Land on them, and use them to get to the next barrel.


Yellow Open - Shoots you in the general direction of next platform, but you must dodge obstacles to make it.


Purple - Moves up and down. Waiting Area, keep jumping (time it out) to be safe!


Green Wood - Poison. Instant death.


White Wood - Slippery. You will slide with minimal control.


Turquoise tube - Shoots you through it to next barrel.






-If you are pushing any buttons in turquoise tubes that will just send your character likely in a bad direction.


- Try to remember how you screwed up the first time. I've seen players fail over and over again doing the same thing. If what you did didn't work, try something else! Try to make progress each try, and take your time and think! No map depends on luck.


- Don't rush it. Once you start rushing you generally just die more and make little progress if at all.


- Examine a course before attempting it! Far too often players glance at the course from a distance and soon as they get to it, they jump on the first barrel and fall straight down; or after getting the first push they fall and fail the course.


- All courses were tested thoroughly and proven possible over and over again. No course is luck, or randomly timed based. All can be done 100% of the time if your skill is up to the challenge.



Looking for help? I'll be posting a youtube video before long. Check out my youtube channel:



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