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About This File

This is an NPCs modification that will appear in some form in the SP mod called Dusty's Patch. Keep in mind, NPC HP listings are base HP values, which are increased usually based on game difficulty up to 150% on Jedi Knight difficulty (some NPCs aren't affected like some bosses, class_reborn, class_jedi). Aggression increases how quickly gunner NPCs start firing at you once alerted, and how likely they are to continue chasing after/searching for a lost player or other enemy.


Two versions of the mod in here: Full, and Light

full - has all the sabers made a hair longer and thicker (default 41 length and 3.25 radius as opposed to 40 length and 3 radius) and NPC specific sabers

light - has only the .npc file mods and stat changes on a few sabers for NPCs but the sabers are not all modded and have the normal length and thickness generally


Change List -


Version History -

Changes from v1.1 (this version being v1.11):

- Fixed an issue where the player's model would always be a stormtrooper in cutscenes

- Forgot to mention in previous versions that the single-wielder version of Alora (the version of her you fight on Hoth) had some of her stats boosted


Changes from v1.0:

- Increased Assassin Droid's aim stat from 2 to 4 (in base it was 1, forgot to mention this change in last version)

- Human Merc and Trandoshan now have an Aggression of 4 instead of 3 (they were listed as having that in v1.0 but somehow it got lost and wasn't actually in)

- Trandoshan had WP_MELEE removed as he was using that instead of WP_REPEATER

- Force-user cultists all had evasion raised from 3 to 4. (Should probably really be 5)

- Luke and Kyle had HP lowered to 600 from 800 and 700 respectively; the way the game is coded on Jedi Knight difficulty they both ended up still having upwards of 1000 HP (in coding I think I will make allied NPCs not get so much HP)

- Chewie had his base HP lowered to 190 for similar reasons^

- Reborn Masters now have 250 HP instead of 300

- Rodian Sniper had HP lowered to 20 from 30 so that the E11 Rodian actually has more HP

- Fixed some mis-statements in the description of NPC changes, like Weequay and Trandoshan aim not actually being improved, Boss Rosh's run speed, and other little things

- Added the training hilt skin for saber_reborn aka the Stinger hilt, so now you won't get a null texture for Rosh's training hilt on the training course level


Overview of Changes -

NPC changes from Rancor's Fix:

- Alora_dual is now using Alora2 skin.

- Assassin_droid sound fixed .

- Fixed Bartender, no longer weird dance.

- Deleted Cultist Destroyer (Its just lack of animation, if you wanna keep him just delete Cultist_destroyer.npc from my *.pk3)

- Imperial Commander is now using his own voice, no longer same as Imperial Officer

- Deleted Jawa_Armed, he's weapon was never fully created, crashing game, no use of them.

- Fixed Morgan Katarn, added him few force powers (no saber, he was forceuser not jedi).

- Rebel and Rebel 2 are now using their own voice

- Rebel 2 now have changed look to rebel pilot

- Deleted duplicated Rebel2 in rebel.npc file

- Fixed Remote to look like it should be looking. (Still glitchy... but sometimes usable)

- Removed RocketTrooper_ver1 this is just scaled stormtrooper, game have another rockettrooper NPC, guess they forgot to delete it.

- Tried to fix rocks NPC, it failed so they're deleted. No use of them.

X Increased Rosh's hp to prevent him from killing himself while jumping over the river. -- (removed this, Rosh only has 80 hp now. He's fragile. Handle with care, or not.)

- Deleted Test NPC.

- Deleted duplicated STOfficerAlt

- Changed Tusken Sniper ally and enemy side. Now they're like normal tusken FREE/FREE.

- Fixed walk speed of nearly all NPC's. (I tweaked this slightly... see below)


General changes to NPCs:

- Walk speed for almost all NPCs increased to 100 from 55 (Rancor's mod originally had it at 120), only NPCs that are different are Kyle_boss, Rosh, Boba Fett, and some other NPCs

- If using the full version, all saber lengths are increased and sabers are slightly thicker (this makes them do slightly more damage too)

- In both versions, broken staff sabers now use the appropriate models

- accuracy for NPCs is generally improved, with the lowest aim stats usually being 2 instead of 1

- some unused NPCs (unused in JA at least without spawning them) had stats improved (mostly aim), like Bespincop, rebel troopers

- really skilled saberists and NPCs turn very fast, with yawspeeds of 160.


Other Changes for individual NPCs:

Alora - Single saber wielding variant had her stats raised slightly (the one you fight on Hoth).

Assassin Droid - Aim stat increased from 1 to 4.

Boba Fett - lowered run speed from 300 to 230

Chewie - Lowered HP from 400 to 190 and aim from 5 to 4. He's tough. Not perfect. Back him up. He'll end up having 270 HP on Jedi Knight difficulty and up. 190 HP is on Padawan. No idea why Raven made HP bonuses for difficulty apply to allied NPCs. <_< (Erm, his HP may be wrong for this version - Dusty 1/30/2015)

Cultist (gunner) - raised all stats from 1 to 2, aggression from 1 to 4. Jump 2 instead of 3, Speed 1 instead of 2.

Cultists (force users) - Raised reactions from 1 to 3. Raised evasion from 3 to 4. Force regeneration time increased from 50 ms to 75 ms. Force max reduced from 200 to 150.

Cultist (grip) - Added drain 1 to compensate for only having grip 2.

Cultists (saber wielders, no force push) - most stats raised slightly and some ranks increased. Saber powers adjusted slightly. Pushes a tad harder in saber locks than in base JA. Still have short silly sabers.

Cultists (saber wielders with force push) - most stats raised slightly and some ranks increased more so than standard saber cultists. Force push 2 instead of 1. Given full-length sabers. Pushes harder in saber locks than the lower level saber cultists.

Desann - Saber shortened and slimmed a bit. Thought it was more realistic that way... just edit his saber back if you don't like it.

Grans - Gran boxer has higher aggression. Gran shooter doesn't have supernatural aim now but still better than like 75% of NPCs.

Human Merc - Increased aggression. Aim is 2 instead of 1 but still worse than most NPCs because of randomization.

Imp officer - Improved aim to 4 from 3

Imp Worker - Improved aim from 1 to 2, but they still probably have the worst aim in the game. Runs slightly faster like Tie pilots compared to most NPCs. Impworker2 and Impworker3 now use the DEMP2 as their weapon (not sure if impworker3 is ever used in JA which is why I gave it to both)

Jedi and J2 - Increased stats a bit. No more sub-par force points and regen time.

Jedi_Random - All stats raised from 2 to 3. Some ranks increased probably. Some force power ranks increased. Slightly less terrible force point totals and regen time.

Jedi Trainer - Slightly better force powers. Force max increased to 150.

Jedi Master - Better force powers than a Jedi Trainer. 180 force max. 300 HP and boss-style damage reduction instead of 400 HP and no reduction like the Jedi trainer. Tougher and more skilled. Has some improved saber stats like Reborn Masters. Wipes the floor with them.

Kyle - HP reduced from 1000 to 600. Just so you can't completely hang him out to dry. He has a modded saber now so he will wipe the floor with enemy saberists even more. Because of Raven's sloppy coding he still ends up with 900 hp on Jedi Knight difficulty though.

Boss Kyle - HP is 300 which is the same as base JA I think. His saber has a break parry bonus now. He runs almost as fast as the player and walks very fast (140 speed). Has 200 force points now like normal Kyle. Let's face it, even when Kyle is holding back he's a beast.

Luke - 800 HP now instead of 200. All stats except move are 5 (move doesn't do anything anyway). Has a modded saber.

Noghri - runs a little slower, but slightly better aim.

Rebel - HP reduced from 100 to 50 (thought it was out of proportion with stormtroopers and similar enemies). Aim improved from 1 to 2.

Reborn (yellow) - raised stats from 1 to 2. Pushes ever so slightly harder in saber locks.

Reborn Warriors (Red JA Reborns) - removed break parry bonus from single-wielder. Duals and staff ones get a lock and disarm bonus like the single wielder.

Reborn Adepts (Blue JA Reborns) - Single saber wielder is now the green "Reborn Apprentice" visually but otherwise unchanged. The other 2 variants of these guys are blue, and wield either single or duals. They have less HP than the warriors, but more force powers, more force points (120), and have slightly more skill but less aggression

Reborn Master - single wielding variant has a less cheap more normal sized saber now and has Tavion style. HP for all variants increased from 200 -> 250. Force points for all variants reduced from 200 to 150 and force regen time slowed from 50 ms to 75 ms

Rodian - the E11 variant gets 25 HP. Sniper variant only gets 20 hp now instead of 30, but had his aim raised to 2 (snipers aim better but fire less rapidly at higher aim stats). Both variants run a bit faster than most NPCs.

Rosh - 80 hp instead 100. Might lower it more. Don't let the howlers chew him up too much in the opening level (unless that sort of thing you find enjoyable...?). He uses a more realistic training saber now on the course that you can get too with cheats ("saber training" in console, ugh, now that I think about it I left out the silver stinger skin for this... might get a bad texture in game now) that does 1/2 damage.

Boss Rosh - I think I raised his stats a little bit and made him use medium style instead of strong. Less gimmicky I felt like. Lowered his run speed from 300 to 250 (equal to the player, faster when he's running forwards and you're backpedaling)

Stormtroopers/Snowtroopers - HP increased from 30 to 40. They aim very well but their aim is randomized with sloppy shots coming through here and there (aim stat 5, rank ensign). They alert more quickly, turn around a bit faster, and are more likely to duck than most standard enemies.

Stormtrooper officers/commanders - Probably some of the best aiming NPCs, can't have their weapons pulled. Fires at a high rate of speed regardless of game difficulty (other NPCs only pick up speed once you ramp up the difficulty).

Tie Pilot - Slightly better shot than a regular stormtrooper (Pilots have that intense focus and coordination rite?). Runs a bit faster too because he's less heavily equipped.

Trandoshan - Aim stat is 1. HP raised from 40 to 60. Model scaled up slightly (might have left that out by accident)? Runs a bit slower though than most enemies. (Ehm, they seem to be using wp_melee in this version, to fix it just delete the line giving them wp_melee from their .npc file, and they also seem to have 50 HP instead of 60 - Dusty 1/30/2015)

Weequay - Aim stat is 1. HP raised from 30 to 35. Runs slowly like Trandoshans.


What's New in Version v1.11


  • Fixed an issue where the player's model would always be a stormtrooper in cutscenes
  • Added to the changes description changes made to the Alora NPC that were never mentioned before

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