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  1. No need, I was running the SP from the original downloaded folder, I just run the SP from the gamedata folder from Jedi Academy and it worked. Thank you!
  2. @Linken Hi I did installed SWGL as you told me, now I have the next error: "Couldn't load default.cfg"
  3. Same problem, replacing EaxMan and OpenAL32 .dll's didn't work
  4. Hi, I just installed KotF 2.1 and when I tried to run it, it shows me an error "No shader files found" then it closes after I press OK. I'm running it from the OS folder that it's downloaded from the moddb website. JA it's located in the Windows C / GOG Games folder. --If I run Kotf from the GameData folder from Jedi academy folder in GOG Games folder, it only opens Jedi Academy regular game. --If I run KotF from the original OS folder it shows the shades error. I re-installed it like 3 times, no clue what could be happening. thank you
  5. Hi everyone, Did you solved this issue? I'm having the same problem "no shaders file found" when I try to run KOFT 2.1 SP
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