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  1. CCT Spaceships

    Description: This is a spaceship I made for a map wich is not released yet. The file includes 4 variants of the ship, 24 person/trooper transport, 18 person/trooper transport + room for some cargo, A 12 person/trooper transport with some open space in the middle, and a cargo carrier with a big door in the bottom of the ship and 3 seats. All these 4 variants have a cockpit with 2 pilot seats. You can freely use these ships in your map, you can also customize a ship, like adding more seats, cargo etc. As long as I get the proper credit.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: THESE SHIPS ARE MADE WITH GTKRADIANT 1.5, wich means they could have problems in 1.4 or older versions. If there is such a problem, e-mail me and i will try to fix it.
    Each of the ships has 2 turrets on each wing, both turrets are triggered in the cockpit and are customizable. The turrets have a high radius so you might want to change them in open maps.


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  2. Taris Landing

    The map consists of a total of 2 small and 2 big platforms. An empty landing platform and another one with a CCT Spaceship on top of it. And a smaller platform and a sensor node. All platforms are surrounded by the city of Taris, including tall buildings with glowing lights and ships, where you can hop on/off, flying through them. The map can be played in FFA aswell as in duel. Bot routing is included but only on the main platform.


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  3. The Council of Light

    This is a small tribute to a clan I used to be in. Unfortunately, this clan is now dead because of inactivity. The map itself is a small shrine located on a large floating rock, which is the center of more and smaller floating rocks. I made a large skybox on purpose, so you can also use this map for some spaceship combat. Just make sure you spawn your ship in the air (i.e. with noclip on) as there are no flat surfaces where you can spawn your ship on the ground.


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