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  1. When I click on "new" it doesn't respond at all. How can I fix this?
  2. Which would be easiest for beginners for making a SP skin? These are dreams of mine Male Kaleesh Male Gotal Male Dug Male Pau’an Male Nemiodian Male Gamorrean Male Quarren Male/Female Mon Calamari Male zabrak Male/female Clawdite Male Selkath Male Nikto Male Duros Male/female Aqualish Male Gand Male/female Falleen Male Arcona Male Yarkora Male Rakata
  3. I think I may have accidently deleted the file that allows me to make mods. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling steam many times. Is there anything I can possibly do to restore it?
  4. Hello everyone, I'm Kathleen and i'm brand new to modded and looking at the basics but i'm doing my best to learn. Hoping to learn and make new friends. I have a few ideas and if anyone is interested in helping let me know ?
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