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  1. Hmm, well it wasnt working with me. How recent is this patch? Ive tired those variables and nothing happens.
  2. So i downloaded the jedi academy enhanced mod, and i cant for the life of me get the dismemberment to work i.e everything flys off when you hit someone like jedi knight outcast. Please could you help me, thanks.
  3. Hi, didnt know where to ask this question but its modding so here goes... i was wondering if its possible to add additional enemy types such as evo troopers, shock troopers, shadow troopers without replacing models each time? As i would love to just add different variants of storm troopers.
  4. So wrong, TFU never had dismemberment AT ALL. TFU2 on the other hand did, but the reason for this was because the guy who made it told the age rating board that they werent people but robots, i kid you not. Hence the crazy dismemberment in it, shame it was so short had some great combat. JFO is a watered down, “cards played safe” type of game, which has taken so many ideas from other games its hard to even find what is unique about it. Its just boring, and overly hyped because of people looking at the game as a way to tell EA “see no micro transactions, we like it! 10/10” Even though the game is mediocre...
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