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  1. Is 10k an overall limit with jka models? I wasn't aware of that, so that's good to know. I had removed a good bit, took out the hosing on his side, the lightsaber on the hilt, some stuff on the belt and done a diffuse on stuff like the hands, so I probably shaved off a good number of vertices but I doubt I made.it to 10k
  2. I've been trying to figure out how to do this all week and I've finally decided it's beyond me, I need to try other conversions first. I figured it was worth putting here in case anyone with more modeling ability (I have very little) is interested enough to take a stab. This is a fan-version of Revan I found, really liked it. Not necessarily true to Revan, but as a model it's great looking. Here's the link. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2018997751&searchtext=sith+playermodel I ripped the model from gmod already, if you want it I can upload the ripped .obj and textures with it. I might try it eagain eventually if nobody is, but I think it'll be a very very long time before I'm ready for anything like this.
  3. I'm having a difficulty with a blender model I"m working on. When I export to glm, it no longer opens in modview because a surface is over 1000 verts. In blender none are however. I tried exporting and then reimporting to see if the exporting changed anything, and indeed it did. There were now 2600 vertices on one object that had previously been only 700 vertices. I have tried everything and I can't get it to reduce or export correctly
  4. Is it just called weight transfer? I'll look into that for sure
  5. I asked someone for advice on converting a playermodel from Gmod to JKA, and he walked me through a bit of it. The part that seems extremely slow is the weighting, to the point where it took him two full days to make one before, and I can see why considering how long it's taking me to weight each part of this model. My question is: Is there a more efficient method? I've seen comments from people like Jeff where they threw together a new model in a couple of hours, and as I"m doing these weights I just don't see how that doesn't take significantly longer. Is there a quicker method, or is it an issue specific to ports?
  6. I've seen models of The Clone Wars Anakin, and film Anakin. It'd be cool if someone made a model of Anakin from the original Clone Wars series. The blue paint, shirtless look is pretty sick. I think the parts where he still has his robotic arm would be best to keep his arm as well, and it can even be a reskin of his film head or something like that, but if anybody could make this they'd be my hero
  7. I ripped a hairstyle from another game, and it uses alpha transparency in some areas, essentially the texture is white/blank in those spots. Is there a way to use a shader to apply transparency to those areas?
  8. Yeah I would really love if there was one. Hopefully someone with the modelling ability necessary agrees
  9. I'm curious if anyone has made any sort of model for the Voss species from SWTOR. One of my favorites in all of star wars, their clothing/armor/eyes/coloring are all really cool to me, so it'd be awesome to be able to use one for JKA. The outfit above and below in particular is my favorite, as well as getting a head would be amazing.
  10. Have you worked any more on this? Looks amazing
  11. Ever done a Voss Mystic? Or really anything of the Voss species?
  12. Saw this during a google images search recently and I'm curious if anybody knows of a model like this out there. I really like the lean robe look, the grey colors, and armor under the robes. The particular helmet style I can take or leave, but it'd be awesome to have this model. As for helmets, I'm curious if anybody knows of a model with this type of Mando helmet?
  13. I checked it in comparison to a different model and it's placed correctly. And even then, since I'm only importing a working .glm and exporting it back, no changes would have been to it after it was a working model. Thank you for the suggestion, I was hopeful that was it.
  14. A few weeks back I made a frankenstein model that has been working perfectly. This week I wanted to add some more to it so I added a couple other things. However when I exported this .glm it was broken. No error, the model looked perfect, the issue was that when you drew your saber it was messed up and held wrong. I tried to trace back what was wrong with it, and couldn't figure it out. So eventually I took the original model and imported the .glm into blender. Without making any changes i then exported the glm back and replaced it in the pk3 of the original (unedited) model. Despite that model working perfectly before, the same saber backwards issue occurred. So it seems like the issue is as simple as importing a working .glm and exporting it again will break it. I'm not sure if there's a setting I've got wrong in blender or if there's something else. Has anyone seen this before?
  15. So the first person I got to verify that it works said it does work, but I just had a second person say it didn't work ?
  16. Fair enough, I'll probably do that. Figured it couldn't hurt to ask though since I'm pretty bad at modelling/skinning.
  17. I've seen Mandalorian NeoCrusaders thrown around before, never seen a Mandalorian Knightx I was thinking the overlap in style might make an easier transition to creating one, plus skins are easy since they're just different colors of the same armor.
  18. On an RP server I play on, I recently had other players download a model of mine for a character. Amongst people with i the pk3 in their base folder, for some the model worked just fine, for others it didn't display, instead showing Jan. One player who it didn't work for said trying to use the model gave an error something along the lines of "Doesn't support multiplayer". Would anybody have an idea of why this would happen or how to fix it? Here's the model in question. The pk3 has two models in it, the unmodified original I used, and a modified version I made for my own sake. Both have the same issue.
  19. I got a hold of some saber parts from Jedi Fallen Order, they come as .obj files and .tga textures. The models are unwrapped as far as I can tell in Blender (i'm fairly novice at it), so what I thought I could do was crack open the .glm of a different saber, drop in the parts from Fallen Order I want arranged however and then apply the textures. But I cannot for the life of me get the textures to apply to this model, I'm going insane and google results only pull up unrelated answers. Does anybody have good suggestions or tutorials on how to do this kind of specific thing? Feels like it should be easy.
  20. So I recently discovered that Fallen Order has saber parts for all of the parts you can use for saber crafting at Galaxy's Edge. I have a galaxy's edge saber, so I thought maybe I could get those models and their textures, and make a saber for the RP server I play on. However, I'm fairly terrible at blender, as I"m relatively new and mostly do Frankensteins of playermodels. I've assembled the proper models, but getting Blender to work for applying the textures has been a pain. Plus, I believe it needs to be set up differently for JKA .glms and all the tutorials I can find are for 3DS Max. Even a lot of googling of my issues was turning up dry. So, my question is has anybody done this before? When you have a pre-existing .obj file, with associated .tga files for textures, how difficult is it to merge them all in blender and export a .glm saber? Any suggestions? My current struggle in particular is just getting it to where I can map one of these textures to it's corresponding model
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