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  1. Oh, nice! Let us know if/when you're taking fan questions.
  2. Any chance of doing something similar this year for Jedi Academy?
  3. Pretty cool to know all that trivia with how the floor reflections were achieved, and the origin of the names (Lenico, Kejim, etc). Can't wait for next year's Jedi Academy reunion.
  4. Ever since the new Wiki skin has been applied, the dark theme has a bug where the pictures are displayed with the wrong colors. Is it possible to fix this? P.S: By the way, is it possible to apply for wiki Admin? If so, what do I need to do?
  5. I made some small changes to bots.txt (e.x. saber colors and names). However, the changes are not being implemented. Does anyone know what could be causing the issue? Thanks in advance.
  6. I've been adding content to the wiki for the last couple of years, is it okay if I continue to edit it as it is, or is it better to wait for it to be moved into the new system?
  7. Yes, this is the biggest disappointment. I bought this expecting retrospectives from the game developers, not gaming "journalists". I also expected some promo art inside the USB drives, but having a DRM-free copy of the game fully updated is good enough.
  8. For more than 17 years, most of the Jedi Academy multiplayer action took place on these maps. Which have been your favorites over the years (and still are)?
  9. That actually might be the best option. I'll do a bit of research and try it. Thanks everyone.
  10. No, that's what I already did. That fixes her post-Hoth appearance on Taspir III. I'm trying to change her appearance in the Yavin 4 cinematic at the beginning of the game.
  11. As some of you may know, due to a mistake or oversight, Alora's regular model got unused in the final game. Instead, her model with Hoth gear is used throughout the game. To fix her appearance on Taspir III is quite simple. However, I don't know how to edit her appearance at the beginning of the game, during the in-game cinematic where she infiltrates Luke's Jedi Academy. I'm not familiar with editing cinematics and respective scripts. Can anyone point me in the right direction? What do I need to edit and how?
  12. In the words of General Grievous, this will make a fine addition to my collection. I will definitely buy the collector's edition for PC.
  13. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I'm using an existing language file as a basis. However, whenever I finish, how do I add the option to select the new language on the menu options? I don't want to override an existing language, but make it available as a separate option. EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out. It's in MENUS.str.
  14. D'oh! My bad. Thanks for the help. One last question though. I have the option to overwrite one of the existing language options, but what do I need to do to make it its own language option, along the ones available?
  15. You mean the IBI files? Shouldn't there be STR files?
  16. Many years ago, I started a translation of the game to portuguese but I never got to finish it at the time. Since then, I lost the files and never tried to start over. Now I've decided to do it again, but where at the time the text files were easily found, now I'm unable to find them. I'm looking at 'assets2.pk3', and inside the language folders I only find 'credits.str', 't3_bounty.str' and 'objectives.str' (the latter is missing in the 'english' folder). Does anyone know where the rest of the files are located? Thanks in advance.
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