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  1. I was hoping someone had / knew of a server.cfg building utility for JA+ There are many things in my server I would like to mess around with, but that server.cfg file has so many lines, my tiny brain has a rough time finding everything.
  2. I made Frankensteind a model using blender. I believe I did everything correctly. It has custom options in the custom character creation, and it appears in there. I can few all the pieces in ModView. But when i try to use the model with any combination of head, torso, or legs I get Kyle. But the sounds i am using work just fine. So its a kyle with different voices. Any ideas what I could've done wrong? No errors pop up in the console. Edit: I should also say. I previously made another custom character, and it works great. and I followed the same exact steps this time. Edit:
  3. I have jk3 touch on one of my android devices. Works well enough. Just can’t get japlus to work correctly on it. All the ingame menus appear correctly. But all the new animations tpose. Grapple hook works, but not correctly. When I load into a game the console shows a huge amount of Unknown Token errors for the animations. If anyone has got it working JK3 Touch I would appreciate the help
  4. Thanks for the reply! And yup, I looked over the .skin files I was missing a couple lines. Thanks again!
  5. I've made a few Frankenstein models using blender. They export just fine. Appear in modviewer great. But when i try to make a pk3. All I get is Kyle, but the sounds i configured work. Not sure If I am doing something wrong. Any help would be awesome!
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