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  1. Check your dmflags even if hook fuel is set to off it will still show if dmflags are not set right
  2. Ive got some issues with trolls, hackers, DDOS/Flooding happening, on the server, nothing really happened as the server is running JA+ but is there a way to add a script or a few files to the server to detect and auto ban vpns? ive seen it done on other servers and ive been searching the web for about 6 hours now looking for how to do so and have come up empty. I have installed Jass though, it is working peoperly, but when i connected with a vpn all i got was a ton of lag Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. eHeres the server.cfg So i recon, im the only one in the server, the bots didnt join. The first message popped up as i spawned into the server, some time passed and it said the second message, then all the bots joined, changed names, and everyone was forced to the spectator team XD
  4. yeah, but when i set the wait to 60000 for 1 minute, it didnt work, so is there a max wait time?
  5. I did this, and it worked on map change, showed up as soon as it I spawned in. Is there a max wait time for JKA?
  6. The server is hosted by bluefangsolutions.com I never had any issues connecting until I tried to put the svsay vstrs in the cfg. I took the vstrs out and it ran perfectly
  7. This is what i did, this is straight from the cfg. the server starts on the CP but it shows its down on UU and i cant connect...
  8. ok so i tried: set vstr s101 "wait 3;svsay Thanks for playing!;vstr m102 set vstr s102 "wait 85;svsay next map in 2 minutes" But that didnt work either, I was hoping to do map sepcific messages so would i need to do something like: set vstr m101 "map mp/ffa3;vstr s101;set nextmap vstr m102" etc for each map?
  9. Im trying to set up Custom server messages ingame, EX: Server: (message here) But i want to set time on it as well, ive tried something like: set vstr m101 "wait 5;svsay We hope you enjoy your stay!;set vstr m102" set vstr m102 "wait 20;svsay Thanks for playing!;set vstr m101" and it wouldnt work. I was hoping to have messages that the server would broadcast at the start of the map, and near the end of the map, im no coder or programmer so im sure theres something im doing wrong. EX: (5 minutes after the map starts) Server: Playing on FFA3, Next map in rotation is Sith Council v2 (5 minutes until map change) Server: Next map in rotation Sith Council v2 - Download the map from jkhub.org I have tried "/rcon wait 3;svsay Hello" ingame and the server says Hello instanty. In console it says the server is not dedicated Ive seen this done before but i know im doing something wrong lol
  10. There was an issue with one of the npc files that came with the map Naboo Hills v2.1 i removed that map and the files that came with it from the server and the spawns started working again. thanks!
  11. I pulled the vehicle list to make sure i was typing the cmd right /npc spawn vehicle wildtauntaun /npc spawn vehicle tauntaun /npc spawn vehicle swoop_mp2 I didnt see anything in the game or server consoles about the asset files when it loaded, on the client side it tells my im missing files the server has. Ill try to remove some mpas or npcs and see if that fixes it.
  12. Hi, im having issues spawning swoops and tauntaun vehicles. Nothing happens when the command is entered, those seem to be the only 2 that wont work. Any ideas or what to check? Server is running JA+
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