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  1. The reason for the error was because I had renamed the .ase file after it was compiled. I renamed the .map instead to what I wanted, compiled the new .ase and this fixed the issue. Apparently, renaming the .ase afterwards to something else other than the .map name can cause issues.
  2. Fix: Don't rename the .ase to something other than the original .map name. Change the .map name instead and then compile hey, I followed this guide https://jkhub.org/forums/topic/10173-making-ase-models-with-gtkradiant/ the model appears inside of radiant fine, though the textures are incorrect, but I've seen this bug with functioning models so I assumed this was fine. There are no errors in radiant when I drop the model into the .map, this is the shader: I'm very confused as to why it doesn't show up in game, there is just nothing there. Below is the model inside of gtk radiant. note the incorrect textures showing up Appreciate any replies
  3. Yes, as Droidy said, it is a little backstory I cooked up for the map.
  4. Version 1.16


    What is different in version 1.16: -Fixed the many issues (there are no more texture issues) -opened up a previously closed off hallway -resized certain brushes -added an additional saber_training_dummy -added textures for a HD sky! this new sky really brightens the map set not long after man's discovery of the force, and the creation of the "Order of the Force," this once renowned temple has long been forgotten, nature having taken hold, the elements battering it over the many years - only ruins remain. Outside the temple, is the tournament grounds, and it is here that the Order's initiates would battle one another for the right to be trained by the Grand Master. The temple//castle has many different floors and a few hidden secrets to find ! Looping level design makes it a perfect Deathmatch style map Images: https://imgur.com/a/VRFiDx2#n9YsBml
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