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    This map is a map made for my clan, Council. It's some sort of Jedi building, including some different duel rooms, all kept in the real dojo style. The map includes some secrets. Even though the map is made for my clan, it isn't full of advertises; overall there is only one. I hope you like the map. Feel free to visit www.council.dk for stating questions or further upgrades of this map.
  2. 283 downloads

    Imagine Tatooine being the capital planet, and Jedi-arts being a sport. The saberists train in dojo's and fight their tournaments in the main arena, which can "change shape". The map is kept in Tatooine-style, indoor as outdoor, which much inspiration from the FFA3 map. Only the dojo's aren't exactly Tatooine-style; they are the known and very used dojo from Jedi Council GCX.
  3. 294 downloads

    This was just a short idea I once got because I wanted to make a map based on bridges. I thought of a winterlandscape like Hoth, and suddently it hit me that it should be Mygeeto. Later though, I changed my mind, and made it some sort of summer version of Mygeeto. This map doesn't at all look like anything seen in the movies. It's simple my own idea of the planet. First after I made the map, I saw some screenshots from Battlefront 2, and then I realized that mine was kinda wrong looking. But think of this, as a map placed somewhere else on Mygeeto than you already have seen, then it might be looking okay . I hope you all like it. Please also take your time to visit my clan's website; www.council.dk.
  4. 159 downloads

    This is the first skin I decide to release. I have only done a little skinning before (not much!) though I prefer mapping ). I wanted to try to make a skin though. My goal was to make the skin look much different from the original one - which I realized was hard - so I changed my mind. Instead I decided just to change some few things and add extra tunicas for the skin. The skin doesn't really have a history since "Twan'ee" is not a character from Star Wars. It's just a quick name I made up for the skin after having made it. All I wanted to do was making a skin of a random Jedi for people to use - we need more of those. ) Model list: (e.g. /model twanee/blue2) twanee twanee/blue twanee/red twanee/blue2 twanee/dark twanee/brown twanee/black twanee/alt twanee/green twanee/robed I know that the voices sound like they were said by different people, but as long as you don't taunt-spam, you won't hear the difference. I just wanted something new and different for the sounds, so I searched through the game "Star Wars Galatics Battlegrounds" for taunts. It had a lot of different taunts said by different people, and I wanted more than one taunt (had to be fitting too) so I looked by the fact that it was said by different people.
  5. 106 downloads

    This map is a racing map made to hopefully develop the "JKR" part of our lovely game. Build time: 5 effective hours. Compile time: 2 minutes.
  6. 207 downloads

    The map was made small on purpose to make sure that you always spawn "right into action" instead of having to run miles just to get back to the spot where you just lost a duel. Next is that, I at same time, wanted good looks with high FPS so it's always nice just to "hang out". The map is Naboo themed, though, I don't want any comments saying that it SHOULD look like that and this. I wanted it to look this way. Call it what you want. The name, Keren Citadel, might seem very odd to the most. But "Keren" is a city on Naboo - still, don't compare to your own opinion about how that should look like. Last is that I have included 2 secrets in the map. I'm not going to spoil anything about those. Please visit my clans website: www.council.dk.
  7. 1,117 downloads

    Council Building BB is inspired by the old famous Jedi Council GC (and later GCX) map, made by Griffenclaw. The map is based on an imaginary Jedi building or temple, including features such as training grounds, tournmanet areas, fighting areas, a council room, a bar, and much more. The map is not an attempt to build anything seen from the movies, and is based on pure imagination. The map is dedicated to the saber and duel only communities, and the map contains lots of duelling spots, both regularspots with plain surfaces, as well as rooms with obstacles. While you are alone on the map, you can always try the integrated obstacle course consisting of 3 levels with increasing difficulty. The obstacle course is based on movement, and will probably be able to give you a challenge. If I ever make a version two, this obstacle course will of course be expanded. The map should have good FPS and plenty of room for duels, matches or whatever. Secrets The map contains quite a bunch of secrets, and they shouldn't be too easy to find. The beta testers spend long time findingthem, and they still have one left to find. So the question is, can you find them all? I'm not going to reveal how many, as it may depend on how you count them. Some aren't really meant to be secrets, whileothers are supposed to be easily found - almost too obvious to be a secret. One of the obvious secrets teleports you to a completely different place (Bespin) where you at night time can do races ona simple, yet detailed track.
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