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  1. Hello all. Been curious as to which map version of the Emperor's Throne room everyone picks? I like the MD version as it's the darkest and to me feels the most to the movie but when I tried to port it to the regular SP game (I have MD and JA in seperate directories so they don't mess each other up) many textures are the gray and white lines. I also tried Duke's version and the third one, which had great wall detail but I thought it was too bright. Any thoughts?
  2. Hey there Tompa9. 

    Hope you could maybe help out a bit. I downloaded the Luke_Crait model which I've been eager to try. Loved the movie duels version and been wanting a SP version.


    It won't work though. When I change player models it give me this:

    R_LoadMDXM: missing animation file models/players/_humanoid_luke/_humonoid for mesh models/players/luke_crait/model

    RE-RegisterModel: cannot load models/players/luke_crait/model.glm

    G-SetG2Playermodel : cannot load model luke_crait


    The files seem to match everything correctly in the PK3 files and I see nothing abnormal in there so I'm confused.  Any assistance would be much appreciated.


    Sincerely, Captchaossega.


    1. Tompa9


      Hi! Thats because MD models are assigned with unique set of animations. You have to copy humanoid_luke folder inside models folder too.

    2. captchaossega
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