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  1. Hi.. Anybody think about hook just like in JA+ to add it into MakerMod.. Any idea how to copy it from JA+ to MM???
  2. Hi.. How to disable fuel tank for hook and use hook pernametly without tank fuel limit as well as cloak... How to add again amslay command or other commands? Thank you very much...
  3. I want just change spawn point to the near hidden area near basic spawn point and when I want change map to bsp I got this error BaseWindingForPlaneAccu: no dominant axis found because normal is too short. And when I use brush cleaner map will change to bsp but there are a lot fo textures bugged. What is wrong and how to change spawn point correctly?? Thank you very much
  4. In fact, I recieved only one email, nobody isn't interested. So I am done...
  5. Hello folks, I wanna create server for all of you old and maybe new players, because there I see only 2 MakerMod servers, one is passworded lulz.. So If I there find some good individuals who want to be admin, seasonal builder etd. I am able to pay for server and enjoy old times.. Of course we can update open source Makermod, add new addons etc. Its rly up to you.. If you are interested in this. Write bellow your email or another conctact and I will answer you...
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