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  1. hey everyone, i dont know if y'all be able to help, but i am trying to setup a base jka server using a amazon ec2 instance running windows server and everything is good, ports are forwarded etc firewalls are off but for some reason when i run the server it will only connect to localhost and cannot be seen on the main server list, does anyone have any ideas on what the issue may be? i also talked to someone from support and they said i did everything correctly and that it should be working
  2. we are still looking for active members if anyone is interested!
  3. *SALUTE* We are the Central Imperial Order, members of the Dark Jedi Organization (DJO), representing 14 and 20 years of online gaming respectively. We exist to create a safe gaming environment where members respect one another, and the bottom-line is fun. CIO was a powerhouse club when Star Wars Galaxies (2003) released, and since then we have continued to support fans of the Star Wars franchise. In recent years, CIO has been active in Star Wars The Old Republic (2011). Recently we started supporting legacy games like the Jedi Knight series as well as Star Wars BattleFront 2 (2005) and Star Wars BattleFront (2015), our club is looking to recruit new members to our ranks. As a member of CIO there are a few things you can look forward to. They are as follows: When you participate in matches with your fellow members, we recognize your contributions to the club. Once joined, we give you some basic requirements that make sure you know your way around. Think of them like the official CIO tour. Once they are completed, you've earned your first promotion. Want more promotions? You've got to continue to earn them! Keep playing matches and earning ribbons. You see, the benefit of being part of the larger Dark Jedi Organization is that we maintain our own Graphics Department, as well as Engineering, Support, Security, etc. Each department is staffed by volunteers. Some of us have been with DJO for our full 20 year existence, while others are just starting out. Each week (or bi-weekly) we host a new themed event. Ribbons are handmade by our Graphics Department for each and every event. Earning ribbons earns you promotions. What about awards for performance? Did you compete in 40 matches during our last event? We have an award for that. Did you go above and beyond what is expected of you? Did you help a friend get through a tough mission? Maybe you spread the word about the club? We recognize your contributions and award you as such. These awards, along with your ribbons, stay on your CIO profile. This profile provides a complete list of your lifetime accomplishments with our club. Want more? How about becoming an Officer? You want to take a more active role in the club; we understand! CIO runs on the backbones of volunteers who have a passion for leadership. After our Officer Training Program is complete, we will put you in charge of your own Platoon (7-15 members). Your task? Keep them active. Keep them earning ribbons. Keep recognizing their efforts. Promote them when they are ready, and watch them grow with the club. Want even more responsibility? You can continue growing in our militaristic structure, gaining more members you're responsible for, and more officers you direct. Join us on discord! http://discord.me/ciodjo http://darkjedi.org/club/CIO
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