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  1. Oh awesome! Thanks so much, I was trying to search for an alternative but didn't come across anything. Will update my site's code with that
  2. It's still down Any updates? I'd like to quickly be able to preview whether my servers are up again, cheers!
  3. Hey, so yeah I'm the (kind of) famous DarkQuake who gave you all Element Script Version 1 and 2. I never did get around to finishing the third version.. couldn't be bothered tbh as the playerbase was dying down and I had Uni commitments and now other games to play haha! Do with it what you will, and make me proud. May the coding be with you and the force. Just drag the Scripts folder into your makermod folder, leave the two files in the Scripts folder as it's what the main script calls off, and it's good practice anyway to have your scripts there aside from your pk3 files etc. https://s3-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/darkquake/ev3.zip Website is still darkquake.com, and my server is up AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE (type /connect svr.darkquake.com:29070) -Daniel Carnovale
  4. You sound very familiar too Yeah, it's DarkQuake
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