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  1. DT85's post in What skeleton is this? was marked as the answer   
    The actual animation source files do not have this skeleton (though I think the root.xsi does) with all the effectors and roots. Open up any one in xsi and you'll see a clean set of nulls.
    Also, doesn't matter if you use nulls or bones - so long as their axis match.
  2. DT85's post in Bad/missing bone or missing animation sequence? was marked as the answer   
    I don't really use Blender and cannot offer much assistance with it. Now I'm not sure if this is an issue or not, but internally your models name is "models/players/Thexan/model" instead of "model.glm". Could be the Blender JKA plugin doing this and it may not even matter.
    A few things to fix:
    - head tags need to be parented to the head mesh
    - hips tags need to be parented to the hips mesh
    - you didn't include any foot tags, ie r_leg_foot & l_leg_foot
    Hopefully after fixing all of that, you'll have a working model.
  3. DT85's post in Import GLM -> export XSI -> Carcass -> too much verts?? was marked as the answer   
    What's your model.car look like?
    Also, please post what your export options are and provide your max file.
    I imported your .xsi file and it appears you did not set any smoothing groups, and then proceeded to export using smoothing groups. Either set smoothing groups or choose Vertex (ignore smooth groups).
  4. DT85's post in Clouds was marked as the answer   
    Pretty sure it's done in the sky shader. Have a look at Yavins sky shader.
  5. DT85's post in Where are the weapon_* entities defined in JK2's source code? was marked as the answer   
    I'm pretty sure weapon_* are defined in weapons.dat, which point to their code version which is WP_*
  6. DT85's post in Double sided (cull disable) + transparency shader, possible? was marked as the answer   
    The design notes is mapping-specific. Here's a transparent + 2 sided shader for a map texture if that is of any help:
    textures/factory/T2_Wedge_floorgrate { qer_editorimage textures/imperial/floorgrate cull twosided { map textures/imperial/floorgrate alphaFunc GE128 blendFunc GL_SRC_ALPHA GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA depthWrite rgbGen identity } { map $lightmap alphaFunc GE128 blendFunc GL_DST_COLOR GL_SRC_COLOR } }
  7. DT85's post in Models Are Dark In The Map was marked as the answer   
    Found out the issue. It didn't like that I manually set the gridsize.
  8. DT85's post in Dem bones, dem bones, dem jittery bones... was marked as the answer   
    The animation (exported with your plugin) plays fine in Mod Tool, so I think this is just a failing of Ghoul2 or perhaps carcass.
  9. DT85's post in how to attach a weapon to a menu character? was marked as the answer   
    I don't think it's possible with the existing code to bolt a weapon (or anything) onto a character unless it's in-game to grab the player chosen saber model via "isSaber". All you can do afaik is load up models separately.
  10. DT85's post in Creation of .roq files was marked as the answer   
    First off, I put roq.exe in C:\DF2Mod\Converted_Videos\ just easier to work with a few files than alot. Now add the below text into a text document where you will call it <yourfile>.param
    INPUT_DIR C:\DF2Mod\Converted_Videos\DF2_Intro FILENAME DF2_Intro.roq SOUND DF2_Intro.wav INPUT DF2_Intro-*.tga [0000000-0004303] END_INPUT 
    INPUT_DIR - This is where you store all your sequenced textures
    FILENAME - This is the RoQ output filename you want
    SOUND - Sound file to include, must be in the same directory as roq.exe
    INPUT - Leave this as-is, this tells roq.exe to load the images below.
    DF2_Intro-*.tga [0000000-0004303] - This is the image sequence name. I'll break it down below:
    END_INPUT - Leave this as-is, this tells roq.exe that the loading of images is finished.
    DF2_Intro- is the base name for all the sequence files. The little * indicates where the sequence numbers start in each of the image filenames. [0000000-0004303] is the sequence numbers part of the image filenames and also lets roq.exe know the range, ie what image it starts with and what image it ends with. Everything inbetween will be processed. So what you want your images to look like is DF2_Intro-0000000.tga, DF2_Intro-0000001.tga, DF2_Intro-0000002.tga, DF2_Intro-0000003.tga, DF2_Intro-0000004.tga and so on. I usually have roq.exe running of a .bat file which looks like this:
    roq.exe DF2_Intro.param pause  
    The pause simply allows the cmd window to stay open until you press a key. This is usefull when some programs have errors but they close before you can see them.
    I'm never good at explaining things, but hopefully this helps.

    P.S I *think* roq.exe can process MPEG videos, but I have no idea and I wouldn't use it anyway as it's not a lossless format.
  11. DT85's post in Menu ITEM_TYPE_MODEL was marked as the answer   
    This is now fixed. Problem is, the JKA code will only allow GLM models to be loaded and nothing else including MD3.
    Here's a pic showing the GLM version of the JK2 Logo:

  12. DT85's post in Game Crashing Loading My Map was marked as the answer   
    :\ Was a power 2 texture issue.....and only JASP told me (through that pre-game console thing with yellow text), OpenJK didn't.
  13. DT85's post in MP Style Falling In SP was marked as the answer   
    Thanks both mrwonko & eezstreet, you both solved this one!
  14. DT85's post in Switches was marked as the answer   
    Ok, so the method used in Kejim_post.map works. Using ref_tags to move the elevator, and func_usable for all switches.
    Thanks guys for the help, your suggestions helped me learn a fair bit about what does what.
    P.S There is no "best answer" but I'll mark this post as the "best answer" to mark this topic solved.
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