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  1. So what's at the end of the traps and stuff within the secret tunnels?
  2. Hello all, How can I go about extracting skins from a skin pack? My friends and I run a private JA+ server and yesterday, I stumbled upon this skinpack from some incredibly talented individuals. The owner of the project gave me permission to extract whatever skins I want to use freely in my private server, but I will not be able to release them publicly without his permission. That said, I have downloaded pakscape to extract the files and modview. My question though, is how exactly I correctly extract each skin/audio file and turn them into a pk3 file? This pack comes with around 50 skins and I'd like to make a pack of 10 or so for my friends to use. Link: https://community.moviebattles.org/threads/penekepack-v1-6-2-replacement-mod-the-imperial-heroes-update.2499/page-32
  3. Hello all, I pay for a dedicated server through BlueFangSolutions and have for about a week now. The server is located in Chicago and my friends and I are located in Oregon. None of us get a super ideal ping, but for me and one friend, we rarely lag at around 75-100 ping. My girlfriend plays with us and we play on the same internet, while our friend who lives a few miles away plays on his own internet. So anyway, I haven't had any problems as far as lag goes with the server regardless of having a ping of 75-100. My girlfriend on the other hand complains about lag constantly, and in game, I'll see her character running around rooms randomly, into walls, etc - and she says that on her screen she sees herself playing normally and in a completely different area of the map. I play on ethernet while she does not because apparently Apple wasn't capable of placing a simple ****ing port on the side somewhere. We have decent internet and get about 45 MB/s down and 5 up. Any ideas on how to help me figure this out are much appreciated. I've tried the basic stuff on her laptop like: /rate 25000 - /snaps 40 - cl_maxpackets 100 Cheers
  4. Looking for map recommendations to run on my server. Would appreciate the suggestions. Cheers!
  5. With the rcon command it just says "can't find _mapnamehere_.bsp" The maps in question here are called Jedi'sHomeJL_II.pk3 and ffa3.nav Cheers
  6. The nav extension map is ffa3 modded. The file is called ffa3.nav - when I try to launch this one it just takes me to plain tatooine city. Any ideas? Thanks for your help btw
  7. I've tried doing so on both a custom map with a .pk3 extension and another with an .nav extension. Is it possible that I have the maps in the wrong place? I have them in /japlus/maps
  8. How do I make it private? I was told that it would be: seta g_password "password here" or seta sv_privatePassword "password here" Neither of which are working for me. Also, how do I set it up so that players who are AFK don't take damage when paused? Thanks guys. I'm new to running servers.
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