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  1. Star Wars: Galactic Legacy

    The Star Wars Galaxy has left a legacy spanning many decades, with more to come. Now, a team of modders made up of former members of the Knights of the Force 2.1 mod have come together to provide the ultimate Star Wars sandbox experience.
    Choose your character, create your own stories! Or take a step back through history, and play through moments from the Star Wars films, The Clone Wars, Knights of the Old Republic, and more!
    From the characters and worlds spanning the Star Wars Legends continuity to the more recent Star Wars Disney canon, the time has come to craft your own Galactic Legacy!
    - A wide selection of characters, ranging across the Skywalker Saga, Knights of the Old Republic, the original Expanded Universe, and Disney's Canon
    - 7 Fully playable missions, including the iconic Duel of the Fates with alternate storylines, Revan vs. Malak from Knights of the Old Republic, Operation: Knightfall, and more! With even more to come!
    - A fully customizable NPC system, allowing you to customize an NPC's health, appearance, alignment, and behaviors.
    - An active and passionate development team


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