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  1. I have reinstalled everything multiple times now, even trying other paths. Such as sending gtk to /base rather /GameData. None of the reinstalls worked. I even helped a firend install gtk and used the path I originally used, and his works fine. this issue is really bothering me and I have no idea what Im suppose to do. What path did you use to install Gtk?
  2. I use steam, and the first time i used gtk my path was ProgramFilesx86/steam/steamapps/common/JediAcademy/GameData and that worked before. I did that path again so I dont think the path is the issue.
  3. Alright I downloaded 1.6 and the same problem occurred. http://i.imgur.com/YMw3Bv8.png
  4. So im back with a new problem, and since everyone was so helpful last time, I hope the same for this because this issue is really annoying. So essentially I had to reinstall jedi academy due to a bug (long story) and also gtkradient. I had been making a few maps that were pretty decent, and was just finishing a very cool map when I had to reinstall. I saved everything correctly and safely before reinstalling. Long story short, Gtk felt like deleting my maps after the install. Thats not the issue that im having though. Sense I reinstalled gtkradient 1.3.12 (What I used before) all of the textures are white... and I have no Idea why (http://i.imgur.com/2gn8X9T.jpg) The install path was correct and everything, and I even compared files with a friend. I installed a later version of gtk (1.5 I believe) and it was awful, the textures loaded... well, some of them loaded. FWI gtkradient 1.5 cannot load alot of textures and shaders from JA. It will just say "shader not found" on the surface. Anyways I would like to get back and remake some my lost maps and this is getting in my way. If anyone has an opinion or a solution, or an alternate approach, please let me know. Help me JK hub, your my only hope.
  5. Nice catch. Funny I did not notice this... oops. Edit: That did it, Thank you for the help!
  6. Sure, thanks for the help: http://www.filedropper.com/impsnow_3 No only two i believe
  7. Yes ImpSnow is the name of the .bsp. I was lazy with the long name so i just copied. With that in my .pk3 it should be fine right? Its still not coming up in mp.
  8. Here is my script thats in my .pk3. Is this right?
  9. interesting thought, I may give that a try. I dont have many modded maps but maybe there is a storage limit of some sort
  10. Thanks for the help but I have already added the arena script with the correct lines. I put it in the .pk3 like the tutorial said to. I have compared everything to other maps and it still will not show up in menu. I can however, do the /devmap and /map in game and it loads.
  11. I have finished my map with the help of many great Tutorials on JK Hub. Though the final step of making my map a .pk3 Is a tough one for me. I have put the corresponding GameData/Base folders into the Pakscape folders. I have followed instructions perfectly yet, no matter what I do, the map will not show up in my menu to load on multiplayer. What am I doing wrong? I have also opened other maps pk3 files and compared to mine. I dont have a botrout yet but from what I understand I dont "have" to. I also dont have anything in Pakscapes- Texture folder. This is because the lesson says nothing about it and I have no clue where JA hides their texture folder. I also have the .arena text file done in the scripts folder of my pk3. I really could use the help Edit: I was dumb and made the file .arena.txt when it should have been just .arena, not sure when I goofed that but this solved it.
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