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  1. It does. I just had too many saber re-skinning mods for the default sabers, so it may have gotten too mixed up. Totally fine now. I am just slowly adding stuff back in to see which one is the culprit that really messes it up. I CAN NOT THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THIS PACK!!! It is too wonderful.
  2. I LOVE this pack but some of the hilts, namely Bane, Aayla, Malgus, and a few others show up in the menu as, like, half of some of the stock dual-sabers/saber staffs. Rey and Luke's sabers are just Anakin's from ROTS by Revan Dark. Any guesses as to why this would be? Thank you for your work putting this together! EDIT: Solved it. Mod overload I guess. I just want so much in my game, haha
  3. YES! That is IT! Thank you, Kylo Ren! Eff your saber haters! I'm already a big fan and can not wait to get to know you better this December! Thank you again!
  4. Hello! I am very new and am so grateful for this site to keep the great mods of Jedi Academy running! I remember there was an animation mod that redid where your player model and all NPCs (pretty much all models) grip their lightsaber. If you look for yourself, in Jedi Outcast and Academy, it seems every skin/model grabs their lightsaber unnaturally high towards the emitter, also it can hide the excellent work of modders who have skinned custom hilts that you use. I have been Googling with what I thought are associated terms with the old file, digging through all mod webistes and even WebArchive.org'd the old FileFront.com page, and I cannot find this old mod! My plea to you, fellow JKHubbers, is if you remember this mod, know where it is, have it, or if someone could make, what seems like, a relatively simple animation fix, you will have my nostalgia and OCDs thanks. Thank you again kindly!
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