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  1. ShadowMarth's post in Can someone walk me through compiling?(Using Visual studio 2012) was marked as the answer   
    My apologies guys.
    Everything I was trying to do was in this thread here: http://jkhub.org/topic/5772-turning-off-ally-friendly-fire-in-sp/
    My explanation for my solved problem can be found there to in the "solved" post.
  2. ShadowMarth's post in Turning off Ally friendly fire in SP was marked as the answer   
    Funny enough, I solved both the issue of build errors and getting my files to work. What I was doing was changing the settings every time to fix errors i got when i tried using outdated source code. Not knowing that of course. I used github to redownload everything and thats what I really needed to do lol.
    All I had to do was click build without changing settings and it worked flawlessly. I successfully got the code i edited to work. Now ally NPC team damage is off like i wanted it! xD
    Epic win.
  3. ShadowMarth's post in Animations set to one specific model [HELP] was marked as the answer   
    Found the answer lol I trouble shot using modview first. What I did was, in animation.cfg there was a line that was bad. I figured that out by setting it to the default humanoid.gla modview needs to open models and it gave me an error regaurding the BOTH_A3_SPECIAL animation. I didnt need that animation edited so I went to a fresh .cfg file and replaced the messed up animation name with the old default animation data. That allowed me to open it in modview. Once I had that done, using the HxD hex editor, I went to the file location line, and did this
    models/players/_humanoid[Edit ->Insert bytes("_Tiala" is six characters long, so I added 6 bytes here)]/_humanoid[Edit ->Insert bytes("_Tiala" is six characters long, so I added 6 bytes here)]
    Replaced the added bytes with "_Tiala"
    After that i did this: models/players/_humanoid_tiala/_humanoid_Tiala(Right at the end here I removed 12 dots to realign the data to where it was before my edits)
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