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  1. Floating Lightsabers

    These are floating lightsabers like in the final battle in Kotor 2. It's kinda like a jedi or sith is levitating them and using them to fight. These can only be damaged by attacking near the hilt.
    -To install, simply put the niko_flsaber.pk3 in your Gamedata/base folder.
    -To spawn them in singlplayer, type "npc spawn flsaber1" in the console.
    Contains 3 different npcs:
    flsaber1 - weak, can float up in air
    flsaber2 - more powerful, stays on ground
    flsaber_good - like 2 but on player team
    BUG: There is a bug where sometimes when you spawn them, there is a small chance that it spawns a "stumpy", really short, saber instead that does no damage. Sorry for this but I think it has to do with the model, which I don't know how to fix. Just kill any stumpy sabers before you fight them.


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  2. Singleplayer Runscripts

    A collection of scripts for use in single player. If you like playing around and spawning enemies and allies to fight in singleplayer, this mod is for you!
    -To install, simply put the niko_scripts.pk3 in the Gamedata/base folder.
    -To use a script:
    *First spawn an npc using the command "npc spawn (npc) (name)" in the console, for example "npc spawn stormtrooper bob". You must name each npc something different for it to work properly.
    *Use the command "runscript (npc name) (script name)", for example "runscript bob no_weapon"
    List and description of each script:
    altfire - npc will use alt fire only
    no_altfire - npc will use normal fire only
    no_weapon - empties npc's hands and makes them stand still
    no_force - takes away all force powers from an npc (*not exactly how I wanted it to work, may need revising)
    armor0 - sets npc's armor level to 0
    armor50 - gives npc 50 armor
    armorinf - gives npc infinite armor, they cannot die
    shoot1 - makes npc shoot very fast
    shoot4 - about normal speed
    shoot5 - makes npc shoot slower
    dist-1 - sets distance that friendly npcs follow you to extremely close
    dist0 - normal following distance
    dist4 - farthest distance for npc allies to follow you
    invince - npc cannot take damage and cannot die
    killable - npc can be killed, can be used on boba fett class
    no_fall - npc does not take fall damage and cannot die from falling
    undying - npc still takes damage but cannot die
    calm - makes npc forget current target and lower weapon
    crouch - makes npc crouch
    lookatme - makes npc look at you, eyes follow you
    dont_follow - npc will not follow you
    follow_player - npc will follow you
    switch_player - switches npc to player team, friendly
    switch_enemy - switches npc to enemy team
    ignore_all - makes npc ignore everything and just stand still, turns off ai for that npc
    ignore_enemy - npc will ignore all enemies and not attack but act normally otherwise
    notarget - this npc cannot be targeted by other npcs, npcs will not attack them
    noclip - turns on noclip for npc


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