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  1. That isn't what I mean @@Zyk. I have a Free Warrior with like 8 different Force powers already purchased. It only lists Team Energize. I also have purchased a blaster and ammo for it and it only shows Melee and Det Packs. o.0 Also, if you do develop the mod more, I forgot to mention to my wish-list: increasing the limit for .veh extensions would be nice.
  2. I didn't see those commands in the documentation or tutorial anywhere. Nice! Oh but when I use /list force it only shows a red Team Energize and 0/3. o.0 In fact all of them are only displaying a single skill, not sure what's wrong. :/
  3. So yeah basically I just made a custom distribution for the mod that doesn't include the OpenJK files and has updated .dll files in the folder and everything is running gloriously now. That should eliminate any future headaches. If you *do* update the mod though, please let us know! Also, if you DO decide to update the mod, it'd be amazing to have 2 more features. We'd love if we could enter a command that showed what class skills we've purchased and to what level. We'd also love if you could give admins a notarget command for the NPCs so that we can have PC-controlled bad guys have mobs with them and not get attacked. It doesn't always work with friendlies when they are ordered to guard.
  4. Update: apparently it IS the mod, it's the Visual C runtime libraries being of the 140 variety instead of 120. If you remove those after updating to a newer version of OpenJK it works fine I guess. So no need to recompile it, I'll just make sure my community has the right instructions on how to update OpenJK without breaking the mod. I mean, I can live without binding the menu. hahah
  5. Indeed. Also, my menus are still wonky but other people say theirs are working. Also our guy using rend2 says the newer OpenJK wasn't working with that either. So yeah, gonna say the 9-11 version of OpenJK is probably the most stable right now. Also @@Zyk, shake says hi.
  6. Ah so...update. We discovered the September 11th version of OpenJK works. It is only the more recent updates that don't. No idea why the newer builds aren't working right. Regardless, that's an acceptable update level since that includes the Euro keyboard update. Seems like it isn't your mod but an OpenJK thing. Cheers!
  7. You aren't altering the OpenJK exe files are you? I assumed that the entirety of the client is in the cgame dll files and the uix files and such. All of that I kept and it's broken. Not being able to use the most recent OpenJK exe files is rather unacceptable since there were fixes made in OpenJK to the console access for European keyboards, which I thankfully no longer have to answer on a weekly basis when I get people to run OpenJK. If your mod doesn't fix that, then many people will have to go without menus for the OpenJK upgrade.
  8. So your'e saying I should use a version of OpenJK that is over 2 years old? Mmmmmmmmmmm no. It should still work with the updates, otherwise you aren't really an OpenJK fork are you? Hmmmmm.
  9. Tzu

    Simple scripting help?

    Hmmmmm...yeah definitely not as convenient but that might work. Thanks!
  10. Tzu

    Simple scripting help?

    Well yeah, I get that. And it would be great if he wanted to spend the time doing that. I just thought maybe there was a way to make a script that replaces them, similar to how you can bind keys I was thinking maybe you could "bind" a custom command. lol I know it was overly hopeful. Thanks anyway.
  11. Sorry it's been like 2 months since you posted this. I can enlighten you that JA++ does not have jp_alterdmg. However, it does have some fun saber tweaks unlocked that let you get a pretty good combat experience and you can always scale all the damages down or up to balance them. But afaik the original JA+ is the only mod that allows you to tweak individual attack damages from the server config.
  12. Hey all. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out how to make a basic script. We've recently made the change to Zyk OpenJK Mod for our RP server. We're really liking it. However, all the skills and emotes and such are built as numbered lists that are difficult to remember. What I would like to do is create a simple script that generates variables that can replace the numbers. For example, say I want to do /emote 10. Instead of typing /emote 10, I want to type /die. Instead of /up 1 to increase my Force Jump skill, I want to type /up jump. Is there any way to generate a simple serverside script or even a client script that can do this since all the content is already there and I just want to replace the values?
  13. I know this mod is probably not going to have the greatest level of tech support, but I figured I'd post here as well as on the mod comments as well. My RP community Shattered Worlds just moved to this mod. We love it, but (at least for me) the client is having an issue where it doesn't generate the mod-specific UI menus. It seems to be an issue with creating uix86.dll and having to revert to legacy. Although I tried putting in the most recent OpenJK version of this file, it still breaks. Regardless of whether or not this is related, the UI menus for the Zykmod specific content all generate red error messages leaving a menu button that when clicked does nothing. Any ideas as to why these menus are failing? Should I try compiling a newer version from Github? -- I see there was a "fix" a few months ago for integrating with newer OpenJK builds? @@Zyk got any ideas?
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