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A question regarding OpenJK and SFX/RGB Sabers.


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I think I dabbed in this before, but is it possible to release a version of OpenJK with the SFX/RGB Saber code put into it? I brought this up cause although some people who know coding can do it themselves, even with tutorials, some still struggle with it. Just wanted to put the suggestion out there for discussion if possible.

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Funny enough I was actually just thinking about this the other day! I was thinking how cool RGB Sabers (and other additional Saber colors) are to have but always run into trouble when I want to combine it with OpenJK or other modded versions of the game. The issue that I come across commonly is how these mods tend to use edited .dll files and you can't combine them.... the most annoying of all is that I want to use "JK Unlimited" (which fully unlocks menu limitations and such) but if I use this then it means I can't add new Saber colors or RGB Sabers or anything else. Another big problem is that OpenJK fixes the max CVARs errors which I find very useful, but again you can't use any other mod that has its own .dll files...


Sadly enough, tbh vast majority of the time I actually don't even use OpenJK at all due to these frequent incompatibilities... even though OpenJK has useful advances of the game engine that I'd love to utilize. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong, but all I know is that I've never came across a solution for this in many years. :/ But I digress!


Overall pretty frustrating but back to the main topic... maybe compiling OpenJK source code along with source code of RGB Sabers would do the trick? That would be a great idea but sadly it all depends on the authors permissions I think and obtaining the source code from the creator of RGB Sabers who is, I think, named Tchouky? Sadly I wouldn't know how/where to contact him. (also the source code of JA Unlimited would be great too, haha)

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