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Welcome to the new Discussion sub-forum! Here are a few rules to keep in mind:


1. Post anything related to KotF 2.1, be it questions, videos, etc.


2. If you wish to take part in a chat, please keep it civil, we're all friends here after all!


3. No racism, pornography, political discussions/satire, personal attacks are permitted here. Please keep in mind this list is not complete and relies heavily on your own common sense. In other words, if it can offend, don't post it.


4. No posting any suggestions, bug reports, or troubleshooting issues, please refer to the appropriate forum for those things, or feel free to PM a member of the team.


5. TimFX's version of Knights of the Force 2.0 has been trashed over and over again, and even continues to this day. Discussions of that mod are permitted, but please don't attack anyone that still finds enjoyment with the old mod. Additionally, we are not affiliated with TimFX or Knights of the Force 2.0 part 1 in any way, shape or form, so any issues with that can not be sorted by a member of the team.

Have fun!

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