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Has anyone ever thought of remaking the Star Wars prequels via Jedi Knight machinima?

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The thought occurred to me years ago. It's interesting but also there'd definitely be some official complaints or cease and desists or whatever - especially since now Disney owns Star Wars and Disney is the Iron Fist of copyright protection, even when you don't intend to make money off of it.


Still - I always thought it'd be a fun idea to say "fuck it" and start making a machinima where I rewrite the Star Wars prequels. You basically have all the models already and all the maps. You already have all the music down too - just use the same score from the actual prequel movies, maybe fill some gaps with music from the original trilogy. All you really need is a good script and voice actors and Fraps.

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ungh. I have a habit of leaving a random topic and then forgetting about it months later. I wanted to follow up on this though.


I've gone through with a personal project of mine that developed from using JKA as a machinima. It became a wholly original project as a cartoon instead.


But I always thought about doing some good old JKA machinimas or something of the sort to write/direct Star Wars related material. Another idea was adapting Han Solo at Star's End. I loved that book when I  was a kid.

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Why the prequels? Oh wait, you said 'rewrite'. Carry on then.


Still, I think that while it'd be possible, the fighting would look awful, considering Q3 engine's limitations and all (you saw that KOTOR2 in JKA mod? Great mod, but the fighting just ruined the K2 vibe). At the same time, I think even Disney could allow it, if you play your cards right. There are loopholes.

For example, the guys that did Star Wreck ended up having a bit of a run-in with Paramount (or whoever owns Star Trek these days), because of their feature-films being too blatant a parody of Star Trek, and having too long of a screentime (imagine that), so Paramount released a set of rules for Star Trek fan-movies, and threatened to sue them for copyright infringement. The guys said 'fuck it!', and took Star Wreck in a different direction.

Anyway, if you wanna do it, it'd be a good idea to check if Disney has some such guideline for fan-films, or to actually get in touch with whoever and ask for permission, just to be on the safe-side (though that'd be a bit excessive, you can still never be too careful). Alternatively, you could release the machinima-remake as a set of episodic shorts instead of the full feature, you know? Like 'we don't like the Anakin vs Dooku duel in ep3, so we'll remake it; next we'll remake the Padme + Anakin dialogue about the baby', but deliver these as shorts.

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