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I have this glitch with botlist in "Create game"


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Bots can be selected for the Blue Team, but the "HUMAN" word is stuck atop their names. While in itself it doesn't affect gameplay in any way, it's a bit annoying because you can't always tell what bot you're selecting. Some of the Red Team's selections in list one (player 1 to 8) also change the names in list two (player 9 to 16). Again, this doesn't affect gameplay, but is annoying. Is there any way to fix this? :huh:

Oh yeah, and since I'm complaining about a glitch (and since I didn't get a solution in my previous thread), again I ask - how do I get RGB sabers to work? I checked the files, reinstalled them, activated rgb effect in the setup menu, set all the shortcuts and links properly, but nothing seems to solve the issue. What gives? :

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