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How to join our team

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If you have any interest in helping make this mod a reality, we'll be happy to have you join our team.


In a separate topic, please copy and paste this template, and fill out the necessary information.



  1. Applying for: (Modelling, mapping, skinning, etc)
  2. Why are you interested in helping us?
  3. Prior Modding Experience: (Please post any download links to your mods, as well as screenshots to any of your past works you'd like to show off.)


After your application has been processed, and approved by both Fire Phoenix and I, we will privately message you with a link to our discord server, and we will schedule an interview with you. We understand the JKA community lives all around the world, and we will do our best to accommodate you.


Thank you for your interest in helping develop Knights of the Force 2.1! May the Force be with you.

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