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Old JA+ Command Options


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Hey guys,


I'm looking to make changes to my server and am wondering if there are any options to change the teleport effect to the old Star Trek teleport beam.

Also what other options are enabled from JA+? Is there going to be any holstering like what was in JA+ 2.3?


You also can't cut the grapple hook line like you could in JA+ (that could just be a setting I'm missing?)


Basically I just summed up I just want to know if these things can be added.


Thank you in advance :)

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Oops, seems I missed this topic.


You will want to play around with japp_teleportBits. It's a bit-field with the current values:

1 = silent

2 = no slick

4 = keep velocity

8 = keep angles

16 = no telefrag


Currently no cloak option, but you can use the silent option as an alternative.


No immediate plans to add holstering personally. If someone else wants to add it and can do it somewhat cleanly, I'm all for it.

Same for grapple hook cutting. It's just not a major feature I can invest in.


There's a new website on the way (thanks to @@Sentra for doing a mockup ages ago)

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Hey Raz0r,


Thanks for the reply on those. I just have 1 more question: Are we able to remove the admin power messages? Mainly for teleport? (Does the silent option do this?). By messages I mean the ampsay message that says "You've bee abducted by aliens" etc



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