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SWJK.in is paired with JK3.in


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SWJK.in is paired with JK3.in


Many of you hopefully know that we offer a couple service to the Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy community, such as the JKHub Bar, making it easier to connect with other groups and clans around the community. Another one is mod project forums, giving mod teams an easy way to work and share progress on their projects. One of our most popular ones is the JK3.in server IP shortcut.

If you've ever played the games on multiplayer, you probably have run into the issue where you need to connect to a server manually by typing in the IP address. Sometimes that long string of numbers can be difficult to remember or just simply annoying to type in all the time.

JK3.in aims to remedy that issue by giving you a way to shorten your IP and still function the same way. Instead of typing /connect, you'd type /connect you.jk3.in. It's easier to remember and can be changed if you change your server's IP.

This service is very popular with clans and large groups. Currently we have around 60 shortcuts being used with jk3.in.

Today I'm announcing that we have added a new domain to this service! SWJK.in will function exactly the same. The purpose of adding this domain is to cater to those with Jedi Outcast servers. Since Jedi Outcast isn't "JK3" (technically neither is Jedi Academy) but rather it is "JK2", it wouldn't make sense to use that shortcut. And before you all ask, JK2.in was taken. But this also gives a choice for Jedi Academy players to use either JK3.in or SWJK.in.

Anyway, if you have a JK2 server and have been wanting this shortcut or maybe you didn't even know this existed until now, PM or email me or check out the actual page and click the link at the bottom.

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