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Unable to write in new chatbox


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So when I play sometimes people see me use my chatstyle and they ask me how to do it. Well... I know how I did it but, sometimes people and myself run into the issue where... the /cg_newchatbox is ticked on and the /bind [key] messagemodeall is done but; the person can't type anything in.


I've had it happen to me before and someone I'm helping is having the same issue. I couldn't remember if it was a .cfg issue or you just need to restart your game...?


He's got the latest JA++, the chatstyle, and a three month old OpenJK for windows which... that's cool because, I too am waiting awhile on the next release. :P How do you fix the problem where you can bring up the box but, you can't write anything in? I know it was simple but... I just can't remember it! Thanks in advance.

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I haven't heard of this happening. Is there nothing in the console when you press a key?

Does it happen with no JPLua plugins installed/enabled? Try cg_jplua 0; lua_reload to make sure

It sounds like an issue with windows IME input / multiple languages / non-US keyboard layout.

Let me know whatever you find and I'll get it fixed :o


I'm pretty sure it at-least requires a version of OpenJK from ~mid 2014 onwards.

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Well, I'm pretty sure everything for him was set to default. Like I see orange in his name so, I know he has OpenJK. I can try to tell him to take out the chatstyle thing temporarily and do those commands to see where the problem might be. Since I'm in a Euro clan now, it's most likely the latter issue. If it's the fact that it's more of the issue you described...



It sounds like an issue with windows IME input / multiple languages / non-US keyboard layout.


If it's that then, what could he do? It'd only take a couple of minutes to test the first one so, I'm going to go ahead and assume it's the other one.

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