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bg_panimate issue???

Guest Redemption
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Guest Redemption

Hello, I have edited adding the fast lunge attack to all styles but in-game, force lightning no longer lasts its duration, It just stops after a ms... So I removed the edited bg_panimate file and all is well with lightning again, but there are a lot I've modded in bg_panimate and I would want to have my edits working alongside proper lightning. I tested with only one alteration in bg_panimate (adding lunge), it seems editing this file messes up lightning :(



Can anyone help? 


Kind Regards,

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Can you post the parts of the file you changed?


Sometimes if I can't remember exactly what I edited I use the GitHub Desktop application to help me look over any changes I made to a file, as it gives me a comparison between my own local edits and the older version of the file.

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Guest Redemption

Hi Dusty, thank you for you're help. By just you replying with "exactly what I edited" made me take another look at it... Looking at my edited if statement/argument, closer scrutiny showed that I hadn't placed the brackets correctly :( I've got it working correctly now :) All animations, animate accordingly to plan.


So to me it seems the first 2 brackets at the start of the "if" statement says that there are 2 arguments/statements and the brackets at the end are the closing brackets of all arguments/statements involved.

if ((pm->ps->saberAnimLevel == FORCE_LEVEL_1 || (pm->ps->saberAnimLevel == FORCE_LEVEL_2 || (pm->ps->saberAnimLevel == FORCE_LEVEL_3 || (pm->ps->saberAnimLevel == FORCE_LEVEL_4 || (pm->ps->saberAnimLevel == FORCE_LEVEL_5 || (pm->gent) && (pm->gent->client) && (pm->gent->client->NPC_class == CLASS_DESANN) && !Q_irand(0, 2))))))

Kind Regards

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