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Camera Zoom

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Hello everybody, quick question here: can I program camera zoom (fov, effectively) just as it is possible with dof or speed between camera points? If so, how? If not, is there a way to do it with different tools or commands?

"cmds" file has this line: "camera fov (a)0, directly control fov, optional "a" before number to add to current value"

but it does not seem to work the way I want it. As soon as I lock the camera (R)  the fov value goes back to the previous "cg_fov" setting instead of "camera fov" that i have just set. 


I hope what I'm saying makes sense.  :)

Here is what I'm after:






P. S. I guess i can render the same shot twice with a different fov setting and then get what I want with editing, but that is not an ideal solution. 

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