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{{S}} - The Sith Empire!


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Hello Everyone! 



I will try to keep this post short and to the point. 


We are The Sith Empire, {{S}} for short.


We are a European clan that is slowly rising through the ranks and becoming more popular in the JKA community.  The best part about us is that we are indeed, A Sith Community.  


But in the short time we have been here, we have been growing like a wildfire, now sitting at 29 active members and counting!



We have been able to interact and have lots of fun with each other and have grown to like and care for one another, like a family!



We do all sorts of events on our server, some including;

  • Battlechess
  • Role play
  • 1v1 Saber tournaments​ (If you win, you will receive an awesome badge called the Vanquisher badge and empower whenever you want on our server) Must be a member of {{S}} to compete

........And loads more!






We are also able to train all of the newcomers to JKA in saber combat, sith philosophies and the means to help you further your path within our community


You can apply over at our website : thesithempire.co.nr


Or if you have any questions you wish to ask to me personally you can message me on here for further questions!







The Sith Empire is a temple in which two philosophies and understandings of the force have ''collided'' and synchronized into one, in order to enrich each other's minds, secure a solid, enjoyable and populated society, which offers a pathway for both Jedi and Sith understandings and aspects of the Force.    We are a brethren of The Sith, and we have cast aside any stifling dogma which cramps our evolution. Therefore we have decided to unite and co-exist with the Jedi under one banner, that of The Chancellor. We pledge our allegiance to The Emperor, and the brotherhood.


Our talented crew and all of our member have worked long and hard to create this amazing trailer for our community, The {{S}} Empire!  We would love to have new guests and people willing to join the empire!  


IP to JoF : /connect

IP to {{S}} : /connect


All newcomers and past players from all over the world are welcome to come and play with us!


With Regards,



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Bumping this one


Sith Empire is recruiting and looking for members. Head over to www.thesithempire.eu and take a look and put in an application or swing by JoF public server and have a chat with one of the {{S}}Instructors there

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As long as the Jedis are exist, Sith will be there.

As long as there is Force, the Dark side will always exists.
As always, the Empire will be reborn and it will rule the whole galaxy.  The time to choose their path for the Force users is close. 
The Emperor wants new faces for the Empire, for the circle. Masters are waiting for apprentices to teach. Join the Dark Side in this complex path. Learn the way of the Force. Taste the freedom and power. Become an Sith master or more. Improve yourself. Show us your anger, hate and passion. 
Feel it. Feel the Dark Side of the Force. Taste it. The only and real power. The only thing worth living for!
Let the force set you free. Break your chains. 
Find a master, go to missions. Train with your Sith brothers. Join the events. Hang out with your Sith brothers at private Sith server.
Become the most powerful Sith Lord ever.
Join us, help Empire to reborn. Be a member or the new era. Show your potential to everyone.
Make your application ==> http://thesithempire.eu
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