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Capture MP4/MKV/ANYTHING with jaMME


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What the title says. Really.


I am sure many people want to capture videos in HQ but leave file sizes low. It's possible with modern codecs but adding those into jaMME is a pain in ass, so the max that jaMME could do is to capture into raw or compressed (with JPG) AVI. But we needed the golden mean.

So recently we (me and loda) added a feature called pipeline into jaMME that reads raw video and audio data from the game and writes it into the set pipe.


Currently the pipe we use is a very popular tool - ffmpeg.

That tool has so many options to adjust the video input and output to whatever everyone wants. But it's prolly scary for regular users. Don't worry - we made it simple to work with.


All you will need in new jaMME (soon, my children, soon) is to download ffmpeg, put its executable into your GameData folder, start any demo, type /capture pipe [fps] [name] and voila you got your HQ video in MP4 (x264+ACC) that has nice quality and low size.

Ofc for those who want to adjust quality settings and other ffmpeg options we left that opportunity (with a new cvar) as well and you will be able to do everything that you want.


Also the feature is designed to work with any pipeline-supported tools, so if there are some similar ones to ffmpeg then they also have to work.


Credits: loda/videop for finding that feature and how simply to implement that. He also made many performance tests so it captures VERY fast now - big thanks.



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