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A difficult question about '_skyboxes'

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I'm trying to make a map with two completely separate areas (Box B& box C), both of which have the same skybox, but one of them additionally displaying a _skybox backdrop (from a 128x128x128 small area, BOX A).

Is it possible to setup a _skybox entity in a way that it only targets and displays things in the second area (BOX C) of my map?

What I'm specifically trying to do is create a kind of seamless horizon, extending the 'ocean' view from any viewpoint in the second area of my map.

Here's a (poorly drafted) layout of what I'm trying to do:

If anyone has any tips or a better idea on how to make a horizon with water seem endless (seamless), I would greatly appreciate it!

I've looked at the q3map2 code with a keyword '_skybox', and it seems it's impossible to make it affect only one skybox.
Perhaps I could recompile the q3map2 code with a slightly modified _skybox functionality..

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